Saturday, 1 December 2012

Running to stand still .................

Running to stand still
It was the song  that described the pain in my heart over the last months of my mums Journey ,It was the song that best described my struggles as a son trying to care for his mum and witness the toll being taken ,At my wee mums funeral 6 weeks ago I chose and I love you so by Perry Como from my dad .somewhere over the rainbow  by Matt Munro for my mum as she had mentioned this during a conversation and from me u2 Running to stand still ,as the title and Lyrics best described my heart that was breaking ,my mums strength that was weakening .and now even more ,now  that my heart was finally broken and my mums strength from finally weakened ,this song still describes my life ,I am running even faster trying to raise awareness but my life at home and outside my campaign has stood still and this comes from missing my mum ,from at home having to much time alone  to much time to think, to .dissect and to often upset myself with memories that make me cry ,the Joy is there somewhere its just smothered with pain and regrets
first you woke up ,woke up from where you are lying still
I  said Ive got to do something about where were going
step on a steam train ,hide from the driving rain
run for the cover in the night
You’ve got to cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising you voice

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