Sunday, 30 December 2012

Saying goodbye # 2012,

Saying goodbye to 2012
 Well its nearly over, 2012 is coming to an end and for me like many,it has been the toughest of years .for all the struggles and joy we faced over the last years the months leading up to September when mum passed away where not only tough but overshadowed by sadness for many months as dementia and health issues took their toll ,I felt helpless to halt the advance and looking back so many things could have been so much better ,in fact that’s the story of the previous years not only 2012 and I have to say dementia finally broke my heart ,a heart that will never quite heal ,it was to hard to often and mum like so many others deserved better than we got and I was able to give .the period over Christmas has been the loneliest of times in this house I desperately miss my wee mum and the only thing that gets me through is this wee campaign we started together .In fact I was thinking that today how lonely I would be without this campaign and the kindness of others who feel like I do. And that’s an issue we have to look at how we support people after caring is over but that’s for another day looking to 2013 my hope is to take this awareness work to a wider audience to more people in the hope that others have a better journey than we and too many others have had and the hope that people looking back will have had the best support the best of understanding and the best of chance .This will only happen by speaking about dementia by helping people access help and advice as quickly as possible and making sure that help and advice is given in the correct manner
I have heard from so many people over the last year who had no knowledge of services available or how to ask. and for me that is a tragedy in itself for all we wish for ,not having access to help that is available cant be allowed reaching a crises cant be allowed and we can all be part of changing that .and the best way is to bring the discussion of dementia to the  table ,to communities and across families every time a family reaches a crisis we all let them down we can change that we can change lives understanding and awareness and that in my own small way is my plan for 2013

Thank you

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