Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How can you mend a broken heart?

Dementia will do that ,it will break your heart ,not once but over and over again Its ten weeks since my mum passed away and my was broken that day but the truth is it was broken long before and many times before , some days I feel better some days I look back and smile but not as many as days I look back and cry ,and that is a continuation of our journey whilst caring for my mum some days we smiled some days we had Joy but to often we struggled and to often I cried ,the difference now is it was my mum who made me smile and dementia that made me cry ,now my mum is no longer here to make me smile but the memory of dementia still has a firm hold of my memory and two oftemn makes me cry
Today is one of those days, today is one of those days that feels like me heart will never heal and I will never stop crying
I wish my mum was here to make me smile

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  1. You will be ok, Tommy, but 10 weeks is like yesterday. So cry all you need , you have a good reason. Days do get better over time x


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