Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dementia & caring, can break you’re heart .

5 years ago I was travelling round the world, without a care .I had no clue what dementia was I had no clue who a carer was .that was soon to change .After a wee fall out with my girlfriend and disillusioned a bit with life travelling all the time I came home to visit my mum and soon realized my suspicions that mum was not doing to well became all to real. The next five years till my wee mum passed away 0n September 22nd feel almost like torture to look back upon .I will never compare my personal journey caring and witnessing all that happened to mums journey with dementia, she was braver than me and faced more than me but I cant believe the struggle we faced in fact we made it by the skin of teeth ,that’s is we truly made it at all Looking back feels as painful as it was to do .the ifs the buts she should haves all torture me .and this all came from a lack of understanding within and to often ,far to often a lack of understanding towards us and my tears are mixed I salute the ones who added value and feel anger at the ones who held us down and I don’t by into that I was my mums carer and she needed all the care ,how I miss even in amongst all she faced her ability to care for me ,how I miss her friendship ,how I miss my wee mum and I say this as a person who 5 years ago had no clue about dementia or caring and across the board for people who need  or give care no matter the reason ,We as a society have to understand the scarifies made ,the challenges people face ,the love they give ,If we don’t understand then how can we help ,my life as a carer is over my journey to raise awareness will continue on and when you think of a carer try at very least to remember that they are more than a word ,more than a number of cost or savings to governments ,they are husbands ,wives ,sons daughters ,granddads ,grandmothers ,brothers ,sisters ,and they all have one thing in common Love ,we as a society can help keep their life stories more of a love story and less of tragedy we at the very least should never allow families to reach a crisis as each time we do we let them down and we let ourselves down I know this as reaching a crisis was the start of my campaign and things will be better when we don’t have to campaign ,and when more people understand there will be need to campaign but bigger than that ,much bigger than that there will be on left to do this alone ,and crisis will never be reached


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