Monday, 17 December 2012

Dementia through art - Project Outline

A few days back  I had a meeting with the team at Gartnavel Royal Hospital to see how we take forward the dementia through art project and permanent exhibition

Project Outline

Art students

Develop a brief for a group of art students to create a space which brings comfort, hope and inspiration to all who visit the hospital or work there based on the letters and life stories collected during the campaign ( I believe if we work with the students on some of the life stories they will produce art that helps comfort and will inspire all who view).

Carer groups

Work with carers /families who attend carer groups form across Glasgow; north, south, east and west, encouraging them to come up with ideas, sentiments and inspiration to create a Carer’s space in the corridor.

Local art students will be sought to work with the groups if required to bring their thoughts and ideas to life.

Design students

I have identified a couple of students working on a dementia, residential care design course who are keen to get involved in the project.

I believe if we can bring all of the above together and agree a plan work can be done that will inspire all who view.

I also believe this will raise positive awareness and positive publicity for the hospital and NHS. 

Involving families and the next generation of artists in this project will I hope help and inspire others along the way and I believe involving carers and carer groups will inspire local communities and the people involved.


Collecting life stories rasing awareness

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