Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Speaking Mental Health students next year .I questioned my own whilst caring for my mum and still do today with memories that hurt

Earlier today I was over at Caledonian University to meet with Andy Lowndes to discuss working together on some talks early next year to students who attuned the University, Including Mental Health Students and my own mental health in many ways was a constant battle whilst caring for my mum and this continues today .My wee campaign was started as a cry for help as dementia  took its toll on my wee mum it also affected my ability to care for  and to often my decision making and we together where reaching a crisis .but why should that be .I as a son cold not slow down the speed in which dementia came towards us ,but as son all I wanted to do was look after my mum .my struggles or battles where not with dementia alone they where added to by affects ,the heartbreak ,the loneliness the lack of understanding within and to often the lack of understanding towards us and as dementia took it toll my mum it took its toll on me and still does to this day .I am strong ,I can campaign ,I can talk in front of I person I can talk in front of 1 thousand about dementia .my mum ,the life stories ,caring my hopes and dreams ,but I cant talk to myself I cant escape the hurt I feel ,the tears I cry when alone or the memories of a struggle that could have been less and should have been less. My mum may have passed away 11 weeks ago but this struggle continues and this campaign continues ,we can change so much of  issues that play such a big part ,we can cure understanding ,awareness, loneliness ,isolation ,attitudes  and keep the chance to live to love to cherish to enjoy at the forefront .we need to or to many will face struggles like we did and to many will have hearts broken like mine is and to many wee mums like mine will have been let down
it time to take dementia from a whisper and to an open honest disuccion


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  1. Hi Tommy, Firstly may I say I am so sorry for the loss of your mum. I am a third year mental health student at Caledonian University. Andy is one amazin guy, what he does at Hampdon Park is truly inspiring and amazing for all attending. Sucess all the way. Thank you for sharing your story of you and your mums struggles through her illness. I think it's very important that you talk to students as until we hear from someone like yourself who has learned the hard way, we really do struggle to understand too. You fought and struggled, faced so many challenges that you or your mum should not have had to face. With all the knowledge and understanding there should seriously be more support available than there is. Our elderly community are being let down by our lack of understanding, however I believe this is changing with the help of people like yourselves and the universities changing the way they teach, learning from individuals life experiences can only surely be the best evidenced based practice we can get. Thanks again for sharing, its great that you are reaching out to help in order that others may get the support that you and your mum did not.Thanks also for the lovely photos, you can see what a special relationship you had together. take care Liz


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