Thursday, 6 December 2012

Attending Pollok carers Christmas dinner tonight

I am off this evening to the Pollok carers Christmas dinner at the Crookston Hotel as with last week when I had my first night out in 3 years I am very nervous about my ability to socialize   after 5 years of caring for my wee mum and the hours in-between caring where at first filled with a sense of loss on what to do and for the last year razing awareness. As computable and passionate as I am in doing talks going out sociably feels like a mountain to climb,but I look forward to the dinner with Linda her team and the carers and young carers they work with and support .I received support from and have  been a guest speaker at Pollok  carers a few times  and have got to know a few people who attend the groups along with on social media. Tommyontour is one thing .Thomas whitelaw and his ability to be part of a social occasion is quite another .
 a wee photo from my talk at Pollok carers last month

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  1. Everybodys pushing you up that hill tommy.


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