Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Positive meeting Yesterday University but feeling worn out with DWP treatment on how I move on

Well I have a really positive meeting yesterday at Caledonian University re some future work on the life stories and my campaign along with discussing future talks with students
I had the first talk on February 20th to first year mental health students confirmed and tow other penciled in for early march I will be doing the talks along with Andy Lowndes and we are working together to try and put together talks that work for the different students and years at the university .I also had a very positive meeting with Andy and Debbie Tolson about future projects that I am very excited about and will outline more at a later date ,.on the down side this transition from carer to job seeker has been quite painful and my dignity seems to be taking quite a bruising the lack of understanding or personalization of advice on the DWP phone-line  had me in tears once again this morning it hard enough living on benefits till I find a job but to not have them paid in as they say they don’t have forms I posted weeks ago is one thing the manner in which  was spoken to is another
I and not a scrounger I am a son who cared for his mum for 5 years and is trying to find a Job I just wish they would speak to me in a manner that helps and not in a manner that fills me with tears  


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  1. You will get there Tommy, keep up the good work and keep your spirits up you are doing such a great job and talking about the many challenges that you faced when looking after you mum is helping others gain a better understanding and knowledge of how difficult Dementia is for the person and their family. learning from someone like you who has been through what you have enhances what we learn at university .....good luck with the job hunting :)
    Liz Burns


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