Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The importance of promoting good practice ,,,,,,,,,

I collect life stories and I collect them as after three years caring for my mum we where reaching a crisis ,as dementia was doing its best to affect my mums greatness, awareness and life ,I as a son was falling apart beside her .In Fact that’s why this campaign started ,I wanted to find out how others managed or coped .I had no clue how to ask for help or what help was available and on my travels amongst the struggles amongst the heartache I discovered many people doing great things .I met many people against all odds doing great things and although we still have so much to do and there any many changes that have to be made ,not knowing about services ,or people that are out there is a tragedy in itself .I wish I had known about people and services quicker than I did ,I wish I had asked for help quicker than  I did. There is no golden ticket but there is help out there and its ok ,its ok to ask for help and its better to ask as early as possible with a clear head and its important that if you know of good services or good people that you tell others ,that you tell others so they inspire others to follow ,It is so important to promote good practice so that others see how its done so others are inspired and so we help people facing this difficult journey alone that they don’t have to and they are not alone I know first hand the impact and part lonliness plays alonside dementia .we cant as of yet cure dementia .but we can inspire and we can bring more understanding and the more we inspire .the more we dicuss the less lonliness peolpe will face


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  1. Tommy I work with people with dementia and I've passed the link to your blog to my boss and a couple of relatives of clients. Well done Tommy. Great blog.


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