Saturday, 22 December 2012

Strength and weakness

Strength and weakness
Caring for my mum challenged my mental health to often and to far sometimes ,to be honest the only thing that stopped me from falling was my mum .her love her kindness and her need to be cared for ,it took all my strength. Any strength I had or found was in a constant battle with weakness, and to often I was to weak .since my mum passed away weakness takes overt to often and this battle with I believe mental health issues is a harder battle than ever .Caring for my mum was my goal my passion and with mum beside me kept us on the ride side of the line .Now looking back I am not so sure ,this journey this battle with dementia affected me then and still does today .I as I have since my campaign started feel strong when raising awareness or doing talks feel strong ,but not when I get home ,yes I have a broken heart but mire than that can be broken and the battle to not fall apart continues .dementia and caring will test your strength and control any weakness

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