Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A quiet Christmas

A quiet Christmas

I hope you had a lovely Christmas .for me this was the first since mum passed away 14 weeks ago and I was anxious about how it would be. I wont say it wasn’t a sad day in my heart, it was, its hard to escape the sadness on most days at the moment and the added pressure in some ways by most people telling me or highlighting how difficult it would be with I understand the best intentions add to the anxiety beforehand So I decided to spend the day on my own, Most days caring for my mum over the last 5 years where spent on our own including Christmases ,so for me it was the best way to get through .So it was a quiet day with a few more tears than usual but a peaceful one. The loss of a loved one brings many challenges and significant days in the calenderer highlight the loss, but each time I cry and each time the memory of this journey we faced comes  to forefront  of my mind ,my passion to raise awareness increases .it was a quiet and sad day but I am learning to add the happier memories to the tough ones and today I focus on my awareness plans ahead ..In many ways I am glad yesterday is over as normal focus on today before tomorrow
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and hope you will keep in touch and if you have a story to share you will add to my campaign for 2013
Thank you
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