Thursday, 6 December 2012

A wee photo of my mum that made my heart smile

I am trying to figure it all out ,looking back over 5 years caring for mum and her journey with dementia ,in many ways I need more time to get a clearer perspective as the last years where tough for mum and tough to witness ,the last months so sad to witness and to often  feeling quite helpless .I do quite a bit of crying just now when at home alone .when I cried before my mum always no matter what she was facing would revert back to making sure I was comforted ,how magic is that .always when it got to much for me ,not her for me she found a way to make it betters
Anyway about two years ago I found some tapestries I had brought back fro my travels many years before and got them framed , I found this photo of my mum showing us the dance movements from them as we hung them on the wall and it just made my heart smile when I was sent the photo the other day .once again my mum although no longer with us can wipe away her sons tears and turn them to a smile and I ask you one thing how brilliant is that


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