Tuesday, 1 October 2013

busy week this week Glasgow - Edinburgh – Cardiff – Edinburgh -Glasgow

A busy week next week Glasgow -  Edinburgh – Cardiff – Edinburgh -Glasgow   


Next week is a very busy week and I am really looking forward to I hope raising much awareness –

Tuesday morning I will be attending the carers parliament at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh ,that evening I will be attending  and on the shortlist  the AGE SCOTLAND award also being held in the garden lobby at the Parliament .with great thanks to all at Age Scotland feel very honored

I will then be rushing back through to Glasgow to catch the overnight train to Cardiff to speak at the Alzheimer Wales conferencewith great thanks to Sarah Rochia and Sue Phelps for the invite and opportunity   

I will then get the overnight train Cardiff to Edinburgh to  speak at the productive ageingsummit

A lot of traveling ,a few talks and I hope much awareness

Thank you to all of the above for the invites and inclusion 


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