Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sometimes only a cuddle - smile - guidance from mum or dad can make things better

Sitting at home tonight it gets dark so early and this house is feels so empty so often
My wee mum is on my mind so often firstly because I miss her  and my weekly awareness talks ,well mum is the heart and soul of them 

I was deep in thought earlier about so many things, this campaign is about dementia and I hope kindess and understanding because I was a lucky boy kindess and understanding where the make up of my life growing up .I was lucky boy to have such a mum and dad 

My dad now there was a good man ,hard working ,honest and true and just loved his Joan and Joan just loved him .that was a wonderful thing to witness and way to brought up 

And I miss them .I am a grown man but I still miss my mum and dad they also kept me right ,they understood my flaws ,they took time to understand the many mistakes I made in my own life and they always made it better ,when I had no clue how do that myself 

And I miss that I my dad's strength ,guidance and honesty in all situations and miss mums love ,care and kindness 

No matter how old you get there is nothing like a cuddle from mum and a reassuring arm to prop you up from dad 

If your read this tonight and your mum or dad are still here  just tell them you love them 
would give anything to tell them both just one more time how much I loved them and lucky I was to be thier son 

For the love of mum for the love of dad 



  1. So true Tommy. My mum's still here but I miss her as she was. She was my first port of call. Later, after Dad died, I became hers and I'm grateful for that.

  2. Would also give anything to be able to say I love you to my mum and dad..miss them so much and even though grown up I now have no one to go running to when times get tough and all i want is a hug and to be told everything will be ok. Tommy you are a star.


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