Friday, 18 October 2013

Today attending Best Practice Event for Nurse Emergency Care and Medical Services Directorate – Improving Experience


I  have been invited to attend and afternoon of discussion  celebrating good practice in our wards and departments on Tuesday 22nd October 2013 in RAH, Paisley 

the day will be about discussing and debating work across the hospital and celebrating positive work being done within the hospital and across  the wards   

I feel its very important to celebrate initiatives and people  who do good things to help others and look forward to attending listening and learning

Best Practice Event for Nurse Emergency Care and Medical Services Directorate –
Improving Experience

Tuesday 22nd October 2013 at 12.30 – 16.20

Lecture Theatre 2, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley

12.30—13.00   Registration, Lunch & poster viewing                                   
13.00—13.10   Opening Remarks                     Joyce Brown (Head of Nursing ECMS)
13.10—13.30   People Centred Care                 Con Gillespie (LN ECMS)                                                 
13.30—13.50   Real-time Patient Experience  Gerry Edwardson (SCN, VI)
   Laura Keel (PCC Co-ordinator)
13.50—14.10   Dementia / Delirium Bundle      Agnes Monaghan (SCN, RAH)
14.10—14.30   Medication Education               Kirsty Kane (SCN, GRI)          
  Tea/Coffee available throughout concurrent sessions

Concurrent Sessions

Person Centred Care
Clinical Care
Education & Development
Volunteers in ECMS Wards
Claire McCrae, (SCN GGH)
Management of Insulin Therapy
Christine Matheson (CNS)
Flying Start

Lynne Robertson (PEF)
15.00 – 15.30  
Ann Silver (Anticipatory Care Planning Nurse)
Sepsis 6
William Arbuckle (SCN, SGH), Julie McQueen (CRM)
Developments in ED Nursing
Laura Wilson (Clinical Nurse Educator WIG)
Getting to Know Me 
Sandra Shields (Consultant Nurse, Dementia)
Achieving Gold Environmental Audit
Brenda Lynn (Sister VOL)
Active Care
Chris Ronayne (Lecturer Practioner)

Evaluation and Closing Remarks –
Rory Farrelly Nurse Director

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