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The Self Management Impact fund is open to applications - closes 5pmDecember 20th 2013

The Self Management Impact fund is open to applications.  This is the final round of the Impact fund which closes at 5pm on Friday 20 December 2013.
Read the guidance for information on the funding criteria and how to apply to the fund.  Download the application.
The ALLIANCE is keen to support applicants in preparing an application.  This can be done through meeting, surgeries and phone interviews.  If you would like support please call Sara Redmond on 0141 404 0231 or e-mail
The fund provides a unique opportunity for voluntary organisations and partnerships to develop and strengthen new ideas as well as existing approaches to self management.
 24 innovative projects received funding in Round 1, find out more here.  We are delighted to announce that 31 projects received funding in round 2, details of the projects will be available shortly.
Development Fund
Following on from the success of the Self Managment Fund for Scotland, the Scottish Govenrment granted an additional allocation of £1756000 for 2011/12 to support development and partnership opportunities for projects that were supported via the Self Managment Fund. 30 projects received funding to develop their work on Self Management. 
The Development Fund Evaluation Report considers how the aims and objectives of the Self Management Development Fund have been realised, and focuses on the processes involved. Download the Interim Development Fund Evaluation Report here
A series of three Special Reports will follow this report, focusing on;
  • Development
  • Sustainability
  • Partnerships
The Focus on Development Report highlights the range of ways that the Self Management Fund projects developed their ideas and approaches – and features some new inspirational Case Studies. Focus on Development Report
The report follows from the Interim Evaluation Report for the Self Management Development Fund, and is the first in a series of Focus Reports which will be produced over the next few months. A full evaluation report will be available in the New Year.

The Self Management Fund

The Self Management Fund ran from 2009/10 – 2010/11 during which it invested £4m and supported 81 projects across Scotland.  
The IMPACT Evaluation Report, which reviews the background and aims of the Fund, how the money was allocated, challenges, achievements and learning and includes case studies from funded projects, was published in October 2011.
IMPACT - Evaluation Report Published
Steven Marwick, Director of Evaluation Support Scotland said:
“the ALLIANCE’s Impact Report is a leading example of how a funder and funded projects can work together to share learning.  The report is creative and reflective.  Evaluation should tell us the story of how and why difference is made to people’s lives.  And that’s exactly what the Impact Report does!”  

Self Management Fund Special Reports

Following the launch of the Interim Evaluation Report, the ALLIANCE produced a series of Special Reports on the Self Management Fund. These reports focus on the themes of the evaluation, and highlight some of the great projects around the country.
Click here for more information on the aims and priorities of the fund, and for full details on the successful projects from the first and second and third rounds and identification of future priorities, please read more here.
The Self Management Fund is a key recommendation of 'Gaun Yersel' - The Self Management Strategy for Scotland' published in 2008 in partnership between the ALLIANCE and the Scottish Government.

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