Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Leeds today thank you for the kindness #mounthosptial


Firstly a big thank you to Vanessa Garrity for organizing and inviting me to speak to colleagues at the Mount Hospital in Leeds today and to all who took the time to attend 

a short filmed interview with the team from the Mount Hospital Leeds after my talk 

As a son trying to raise awareness I am grateful ,so thank you to ALL 

My passion in life is to raise awareness and I try my best to this in best of manner ,but behind and away from that side of life is a continuation of the loneliness both mum and I faced over the last years 

My mum is no longer here but loneliness is and often plays a bigger part 

But tonight loneliness was replaced by the kindness of people ,conversation and great company so thank you Vanessa Garrity ,Annie Cooper and Angela Legge for making  a son from Glasgow feel very much at home in Leeds tonight ,thank you for the effort and kindness to make me feel so welcome 

Thank you for a wonderful evening and for bringing a smile back to my life and heart tonight 

Thank you 


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