Sunday, 6 October 2013

Night time ,loneliness this empty house

Weekends and night times are a struggle at the moment  I have still not got used to being in this house alone ,I miss my mum so much just now her smiling eyes,kindness and care

Today has been a tearful one ,missing my pal my mum ,this house ,my heart and life in many ways feel empty when at home. I do ok I suppose when busy but this changes as soon as I am home

It was just the two of us for so long getting each other through the hard days the long nights and as much as I am described as mums Carer that's not strictly true ,mum got me through the hard days ,the days it all felt to much and to hard

I would give anything to see those smiling eyes one more time and a wee cuddle from Joan my wee mum would take always the loneliness I feel tonight


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