Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Great honour - film of my talk care at inspectorate development day tobe used training - awareness


Last month I was a guest speaker over two days at the care inspectorate staff development seminar 
After my talk about my wonderful mum - dementia - caring - the letters I receive and people I meet on my tour I was approached and asked if my talk on the second day could be filmed 

I was more than happy to agree and earlier today Irene Oldfather and myself met with heather a dementia lead from the care inspectorate to chat about a few things including the filmed talk 

I am happy to say the 45 minute film with be used by the care inspectorate to share with staff and others for training and awareness 

 The film will be available to share publicly early January on the care inspectorate web site 

Thank you for the opportunity to speak as a son and for using our story to raise awareness and understanding 


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