Thursday, 17 October 2013

Today - back to see great friends Carers Link MIlgaive ( proud to beahonorary Memeber)


I will be popping in to see all the team who work at and attend Carers Link MIlgaive Today  
Norman ,John ,the team and all who attend have been great supporters of my campaign since day one 

Carers link do great work across thier community and I am looking forward to seeing great friends ,hearing about all they are doing and updating on my own work 

I am also very honored to be a honorary member 


Hi Tommy you have been nominated for Honorary Membership of Carers Link by a Carer because of your campaign to raise awareness for people with dementia.  The board unanimously agreed that you merit the Honorary Membership (only the third in our history) and it will be mentioned in Jennifer’s speech at the AGM.

Alex Sinclair

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