Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Thank you older people. Commission wales and Alzheimer society walesfor the opportunity to speak today at the conference

 with great thanks to Sarah RochiaOlder People'sCommissioner for wales  and sue Phelps Director  of the Alzheimer’s Society in Wales for the opportunity   to speak today at the Alzheimer society wales conference on October 2nd

I met Sarah at a conference in Scotland earlier this year and her talk was one of the most inspiring I have heard to date .I am grateful for  the opportunity earlier today  to speak about my kind caring mum ,dementia the letter’s I receive and people I meet on my tour

Wonderful to meet Suzy Webster who I have been following on twitter 

Thank you Sarah Rochia for arranging and sponsoring my opportunity to speak today  

Thank you sue Phelps and Alzheimer society wales for the opportunity to speak as a son 

you can view more info  at the links below for Alzheimer’s Society in Wales #dementia

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