Saturday, 30 March 2013

4 talk’s southern Genera Hospital April 9th 16th 23rd &30th

4 talk’s southern Genera Hospital April 9th 16th 23rd &30th


I have been invited to speak to staff at the Sothern General Hospital, 4 in total over April .I was invited to do a presentation last month by Geraldine Marsh a lead nurse to ward sisters and Have been invited back to speak to staff on April 9th ,16th ,23rd& 30th  .with great thanks to Geraldine NHSGG&C and all involved for the opportunities to speak about ,Dementia ,caring for my mum ,the life stories I receive  and families I meet on my tour

My mum was very rarely in hospital over the 5 years I cared for her. Until the last 2 months of her life when mum was admitted 3 times each time for a week after a seizure and other health problems.
This happens to be the hospital my magnificent mum passed away and the staff who cared for my mum over those weeks will be at the talks ,so I feel quite emotional even typing this ,but As a son who cared for his mum I feel these opportunities are of great importance and privilege

Thank you Geraldine and the entire ward sister for this unique opportunity


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