Tuesday, 12 March 2013

An emotional day, but a heart full of hope thank you Caledonian university

An emotional day, but a heart full of hope thank you Caledonian university

Its been a long day, I had a meeting earlier this morning and late on this afternoon in my hope to raise awareness, and get involved along taking forward some ideas and projects I have started working on  
In between the meetings I had privilege of speaking to students at Caledonian University and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to speak about my magnificent wee mum Joan ,the life stories families send me my own experiences and the experiences of  people I meet on my tour
Today was the last of 3 talks at Caledonian university and was the biggest audience of the 3 .I don’t know what my story means to others ,that’s not for me to say ,but I feel I have to tell it I feel I have to try and represent the people who share their life stories with me as best I can ,but I sit tonight inspired by the kindness ,knowledge and messages from the students today ,they fill me with great hope for the future and the kindness and comments tell me the most important thing ,that they care about people. I wish them the best of future .I have no doubt they .like we / I did will face many challenges along the way and I wish them the best of understanding  support and chance
I want to thank the University in particular Andy Lowndes .Jackie Gillespie, Lesley McNab and Margaret Caldwell and last but by no means least the remarkable students for taking to listen ,I never felt anyone was listening to often whilst  caring for my mum and maybe I did not know how or what to say
So thank you for taking the time to listen to a son and for taking time  to  listen about Joan whitelaw my wee mum , a wonderful mum forgotten by to many to quickly
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