Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thanks to all involved Parliament for MY members debate

After yesterday's enjoyable, productive and emotional day in Parliament, I would like to say thanks to the MSPs who played a part in making it happen, particularly to Jackie Baillie for organising a debate on this most important issue.

Thanks to all those who took the time to drop by our stand and find out about the motivation behind, and basis of this campaign.

johann lamont Iain Gray, Kenneth Gibson, Keith Brown, Willie Rennie, Stuart McMillan, Mark Griffin and Duncan McNeil.

And to those who during the debate discussed the issues being raised through the letters and spoke from the heart during the debate on what it means to care for someone with dementia, many of whom spoke from personal experience.

Jackie Baillie, Fiona McLeod, Nanette Milne, John Pentland, Roderick Campbell, Jim Hume, Claire Baker, Mark McDonald, Elaine Murray, Sandra White & Michael Matheson.

I would also like to thank DFM  Nicoala Sturgeon for staying for the debate to give support

thank you all from a son ,thank you for caring thank you for remembering Joan and all the other Joans across the country ,thank you from a son

This campaign has always been about people's thoughts, experiences and feelings whilst caring, Their lives in their own words. I am pleased that yesterdays debate did justice to the courageous words of those who took the time to share their own experiences with me, and hope that it in some small way contributes to a growing awareness of the role that dementia carers play and the issues they face, so that in the future no one has to face the same loneliness and isolation that I experienced.


Video of debate

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