Friday, 29 March 2013

Just one of those days when the tears don’t want to stop

I have been really busy over the last weeks with talks ,filming and the members debate at Parliament and that’s how I like it ,Having to much time to think always ends in tears .With the bank holiday weekend and everything being closed it highlights the loneliness that is my life in many ways ,Since mum passed away I have increased my awareness work filling every possible hour and day .I knew first thing this morning it was going to be a tough day .I gutted the house from top to bottom to occupy my mind ,then popped down to the super market for some shopping .As has happened a few time before I found it a bit upsetting ,you pass by all the items you picked up over the years and especially the last year as mum was only able to eat certain foods I got home and haven’t even finished putting the shopping away as the tears started and don’t seem to want to stop
I just miss my wee pal so much ,and to much time to think highlights the misery we felt and faced to often, Joan whitelaw  was my wee mum ,my best pal and the person who although I cared for her got me through the tough days and I miss her guidance .kindness ,friendship .love and smile
Whoever said big boys don’t cry  was wrong ,they certainly never had a mum like mine ,a mum worth missing and crying for       
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  1. A mother's love is never forgotten. It's lovely that the two of you had each other for so long.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for putting a face to grief. Rather than shelving, I find sharing has been more helpful to me. It isn't that it gets easier, rather it modifies with time.


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