Monday, 4 March 2013

Speaking Labour Party Conference fringe Meeting April 20th

Speaking Labour Party Conference fringe Meeting April 20th  

A  few  weeks ago  I popped through to the Scottish Parliament to meet Labour leader Johann Lamont and shadow health secretary Jackie Baillie  to chat about my awareness campaign. We had a chat about life caring for my wee mum and the life stories I receive .while I was there I was invited to speak at  the Labour party conference in April up in Inverness .I  look forward to speaking as a son who cared for his mum and about the many hundreds of people who have shared  their life stories .Over the last years the SNP  have been very approachable and   supportive of my campaign in particular the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who I have great respect for ,I am also grateful to Johann and Jackie for this opportunity  After all this a story about a mum a son and many other husbands ,wives ,sons ,daughters and families
 this is an awareness campaign about love ,heartbreak ,hopes struggle, dreams respect and dignity 

 at parliament with  Johann and Jackie

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