Monday, 11 March 2013

Can your words help a son’s campaign?

Can you help a son’s campaign?
This campaign is based on and has been since day one, Life Stories, our experiences good or bad, our thoughts our opinions
As  a son who cared for his mum, my hope is to bring more understanding on dementia and caring. To help someone ,to truly understand how to give the best help and support you have know about them I believe that sharing our experiences ,we can be part of the best of future for others .To date the letters and e mails I have received have been taken to Government, local authorities and NHS , had motions passed at councils been part of talks ,papers and awareness  films   
My promise is the same promise I gave to my mum ,to do all I can to raise awareness and to take our life stories to all I believe should and could benefit from reading them.You can help me ,I don’t raise money only awarerness your words can help ,you can share your thoughts at and maybe your letter or e-mail can change opinions  understanding or someone’s life ,


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