Friday, 1 March 2013

Today Meeting the Care Inspectorate to discuss letters and life stories

The care inspectorate have been in touch and we are meeting on Monday to chat about my awareness work ,the letters ,Dementia Carer Voices and my tour .Last year I went meet with them and David who worked there at the time was a guest speaker at a care inspectorate meets the carers day I set up at a charity Carr Gomm at the top of my street .David has since left and his replacement sent an e mail to say they have been following my blog over the last months and would like to meet up look at ways of possibly working together .so looking forward to Monday to see what opportunities arise .My belief has not changed since day one ,our lives in words is the best way to bring more understanding on how we live and feel our experiences good and bad can be the foundation to the best training and care for all who are and will facie the illness in the future
We can be part of the best understanding; you can share you thoughts or opinions at  letters life and love stories

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