Friday, 15 March 2013

busy emotional week of talks, thank you for the privilege

A busy emotional week of talks, thank you for the privilege

The last week has been quite a busy week. I have done 4 talks over the last 5 days to Nursing ,mental health students and a carer group .This my real passion. I hope taking the story on caring for my wonderful wee mum .the letters I receive and families I meet on my tour  to the widest audience possible adds a bit more understanding and I hope value. My first talk was on Monday to social care students at Cardonald College then Wednesday to 500 nursing students at Caledonian University ,on Thursday I met with carers at Lockerbie carer group and finally Today Friday I spoke to mental health students at Ayr college

I would like to say thank you to all who attended and invited ,for taking time to listen to a sons story. I hope it added some small value to all who attended ,that’s not for me to say .So thank you

I feel a bit emotionally drained to be honest as the heart of my story is about my wee mum who I miss very much. but I feel  it’s important to tell this story in the hope it help raise awareness and understanding  


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