Thursday, 14 March 2013

Earlier Today meeting and speaking to carers in Lockerbie


with great thank to all who attend the Alzheimer Scotland  Lockerbie  carer group  for making me feel so welcome earlier today .Due to train times I had to leave a bit earlier than planned It was great to meet them at last and I hope to get back  down again in the near future to spend more time and update on any more progress 

thank you for the wee gift as I left ,   


I am going down to Lockerbie  today to  meet carers and families  from Dumfries and Galloway  who attend the Lockerbie  carer group With thanks to Gilly  who got in touch via my blog a while back to ask if I would come down and speak about caring for mum .the letters and my wee campaign .the carer group is facilitated by Alzheimer Scotland  so thanks also to Isabel who runs the group

You can get more info on the group at the link below    


Dementia Resource Centre
8 Gordon Street
01387 261303

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