Thursday, 21 March 2013

Earlier today Dementia carer voices debate at Scottish parliament

Just home from Edinburgh after attending our debate on dementia, caring and my dementia carer voices project based on my Tommyontour tour campaign
With great thanks to Jackie ballie for hosting the debate and to all the Msps from all parties who took time to speak many sharing personal experiences
I will add an update on all that happened today in the morning with the transcript and photos from  today but I have to say the discussion at the debate was open, honest and I am grateful for the kind comments re my Tommyontour campaign and towards the dementia carer voices project .Dementia carer voices is about people our lives in our words and that was reflected in the debate MSPs sharing personal thoughts
As a son I just want to say thank you to all who stopped by to say hello in the afternoon and to all who where part of the debate .and for the welcome the dementia carer voices was given
I will add more tomorrow on all that happened today

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