Sunday, 17 March 2013

April 19th speaking civic event Camden with thanks to Cllr Meric Apak and Mayor Camden for the invite


With great thank to Councilor Meric Apak  and the Mayor of Camden for inviting me to speak at a Dementia event they are hosting on April 19th .in the Civic Halls Meric got touch a while back after reading my blog and watching my short film and said he would keep me in mind for future events and I am grateful for this opportunity to speak as son about my magnificent mum, dementia caring and the life stories
Cllr Meric is social care exec member for the council in North London and before caring for mum I stayed in north London for many years I also during my time working on tour merchandise worked on many shows at the then town and country club Camden with various bands

So thank you for this opportunity to raise awareness on dementia caring and life stories and visit my previous life before caring

Earlier that day I will be speaking at the Alzheimer show at 1pm for me another unique opportunity to raise awareness and after the 2 talks getting the overnight train to Inverness to speak at a fringe meeting at the Labour part conference

Also a big thank you to Firstgroup Scotrail for helping with a train ticket to allow me the chance to speak about my awareness work

Thank you all of the above I will post more details when I have them

Son Awareness campaigner

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