Friday, 8 March 2013

Mothers Day, A mother missed every day

Mothers Day, a mother missed every day
Well Sunday is Mothers day and someone said yesterday with your mum passing away not so long ago Mothers day will be tough like birthdays, Christmas and so on, The truth is every day is tough, I miss my mum terribly there is really not a day goes by that my mum does not come into my mind, My mum was the kindest most caring person anyone could wish to meet and lived for others .she cared for and about all she met and was a true inspiration to me. Much is concentrated on when having a campaign about dementia and my roll caring for mum; Dementia does not define my mum, unfortunately to often it was viewed first by many we came into contact with and that’s a shame for those who did ,As not seeing past ,through or round the dementia they missed the chance to engage with the kindest of person .Like many sons I made many mistakes along the way but was incredibly lucky to have a mum and dad who took time to listen ,advise and care for me and at my lowest in life they always put an arm around and made sense of my struggles and helped me get though and understands my mistakes and I miss them both, the guiding light to my life went dark the day my mum passed away and this heart may never heal
So on mothers day make sure you tell your mum how much she means to you but tell her every other day .I would give anything to put my arms around my wee mum and tell her how lucky I was to be her son, how lucky I was to have her guide me in life , just t tell her one more time
Mothers day, every day was special with a mum like mine

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