Sunday, 31 March 2013

Dementia, Collecting, life and love stories, to raise awareness

Dementia, Collecting, life and love stories, to raise awareness
This campaign started in my bedroom whilst caring for my magnificent mum was never a petition or protest .It was and still is based on life stories .To truly understand or help someone ,we have to know about them .We reached a crisis through a lack of understanding from within and to often towards us .My mums life was a love story ,her love for family, friends and ability to care for and about all she met .Dementia was allowed to play to big a part .it certainly has the power if not handled with the correct support ,advice and understanding  to veer towards tragedy across the family .
My campaign is about life and love stories ,our experiences good or bad can help raise awareness ,understanding and help with the greatest gift and right for all to keep our lives as close to a love story as possible
I have taken the life stories received to date to government, local authorities, motions at councils, to talks with reports across the care sector, universities, colleges, carer groups, the voluntary sector all based on our lives in our words
You can help by sending your life story, thoughts, and experiences good or bad to  .my promise to you is the same promise I made to my mum to all I can to bring a  better understanding on dementia and caring to the best of my ability across the wider society

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Collecting Life Stories  ,raising awarerness
Short film shown at parliament

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