Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sometimes it feels too hard

Sometimes it feels too hard

It has been quite a busy week .I have had a few talks, quite a few meetings and trying reach as many people as I can .I feel as If I have two separate lives, and that is not just lately I have felt like that since this campaign started .when mum was here it was just the two of us the majority of the time I had my respite hours and would try and use most of them to raise awareness and that has continued and increased. In fact in many ways I am even more determined to take the life stories, our story and awareness to as many and as far as I can .Its important to me do fulfill the promise I made to my mum and the people who sent their letters and I feel strong when doing this I feel at my best ,but each day I come home to this empty house and there is a sadness in heart that I cant escape from ,  I miss my wee mum so much ,I miss her friendship ,her guidance and her care .Even I was  described as mums CARER  and mum especially over the last months or year of her life needed much carer ,she always cared for me even when all was against her the love and care from her eyes gave me strength and on a day like today when its not been the best of days I miss her kindness even more a smile from my wee pal was always enough to make it better
That’s the thing about missing  a mum and best friend sometimes  you feel ok and sometimes it feels to hard

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