Thursday, 7 February 2013

Feeling Helpless nearing a crisis .we can change that ,we have to

Feeling Helpless nearing crisis .we can change that ,we have to change it 

My journey caring for my mum is repeated in so many ways time and time again in the letters I receive .I look back and as dementia took its toll on my wee mum .it took its toll on me also .I was a son who was trying to care for his mum .why was it so hard .to many days I stood by my mums feeling helpless and fearing a crisis coming towards. I don’t know what courage I have or had but it was tested too often .add the loneliness, isolation, lack of understanding on my part and on the part of too many other often with the best intentions but no real understanding. We were almost designed to the end our cry for help was a campaign ,but we should not need a campaign to succeed .we should be given the best of advice the best of understanding and be allowed with the clearest of heads to care at home .be cared for in residential or hospital admittance .I never really had the clearest of heads it’s hard to when your heart is breaking inside .that’s  where a better understanding  of the journey ahead would have helped. In fact  a better understanding across society on dementia and caring would have helped and I suppose that’s what I am trying in my own small way today

This is ultimately  an awareness campaign we should never be allowed to feel helpless ,be lonely or isolated we should be furnished with and surrounded by the best of understanding
I don’t want any other son, daughter ,husband ,wife in fact anyone for fell like I felt. My mum Joan was the kindest  most caring person you could ever wish to meet ,she as with so many other deserved / deserves better .my mums story was a love story to often it felt like a tragedy in waiting

We as a society can allow love stories to continue we can allow dementia to change that or the pressure of caring


You can help me by sending your love / life story thoughts or opinions to  my promise to you is the same as my promise to my mum to try and help keep life stories as love stories 

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