Saturday, 2 February 2013

home from speaking at Lib Dem (south ) Healthcare conference

It has been a long but enjoyable day .I left the house just before 7am this morning to put up a stand and speak at the Scottish Lib Dem (south) healthcare conference .Hosted by Jim Mure MSP and I was one of a few speakers on the day A nix of Msps, MPS and MEPs and myself son and Carer for my mum for 5 years .With thanks to Jim for the Invite and opportunity to speak openly and honestly about, dementia and caring and also a big thank you to all who attended and for the  questions from the delegates after my talk along with   kindness from people who came to my wee stand to say hello
so far this year I have  had a stand at the SNP conference  ,I am speaking at a fringe meeting at the Labour conference in April and spoke today at a Lib Dem conference so just the Conservatives and greens to try and get the grand slam
so thank you Jim who I have to say is a really good guy for today and thank you to all who attended for the kind reception On my way home now its bit of a journey bus ,train ,bus I am on the train at the moment experiencing the excitement  of people heading out on a Saturday night ,something I have not done for over 3 years Its all a bit frantic on the train so looking forward to getting home ,I forgot what Saturday nights or any nights looked like caring for my wee mum ,but I would take her back in a second to never be out on a Saturday night again

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