Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Today meeting NHSGG&C CHP “ITS OK TO ASK “ a new carer engagement film

Today  I have a meeting to finalize  the plans and storyboard for a new carer engagement film “its OK to ask" ,I will be meeting with NHSGG&C CHP ,The ALLAINCE ,Enterprise Screen and  members of a steering group put together for this project .As mentioned before this will not be a Tommyontour film as such but I will be volunteering my time as son who cared for hi mum .the essence of this film is to highlight the carer role and services available to families
As a son and would be awareness campaigner I try to highlight issues and promote good work being done across the care and voluntary sectors .For me no one should have to do this alone .I tried and almost failed. for me  it is a tragedy not to know about help that is available and HOPE this new film. Booklet and road shows  help  reach out to carers and bring more understanding to people involved  in our care and lives
 No one should reach a crisis before getting help and for the message is “its ok to ask “


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