Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Thank you ,

Thank you
I was having a wee cry earlier ,I walked into the house and it was very cold and dark after being out all day ,and that’s strange in itself ,I barely left the house over the last years whilst caring for mum, I had a set amount of hours each week that I  used to start and do my awareness campaign .Along with the struggles dementia brought our way .we where painfully lonely and isolated   this is something that is repeated time and time again in the letters I receive along with a lack of understanding .We at this rime cannot cure dementia but we can cure loneliness ,isolation ,understanding and respect .And what a difference curing them could make to people living with dementia and their loved ones. I thought I knew what loneliness was until mum passed away .but in many ways I was never as lonely I thought with my wee mum here, No matter what we faced even as we neared the end my mum could change it with a smile or hold of a hand, she was in ways stronger than me and in so many ways it was mum who cared for me even against all odds
What else this campaign has shown me is the kindness of people most of whom I have ever met, that has for me helped get me though the darkest and hardest days I wish you could have met my mum ,you would see how lucky I was ,how kind she was ,how caring she was and why this Story  is hers not mine and I WISH Mum could have met you and hope she realized we where never really alone there are so many kind people out there just like her
What I am really trying to say is thank you ,thank you for the kindness ,for the support and for reminding this son how great people can be


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  1. Dear Tommy,
    Thank you for your love of your Mum and your understanding of her illness too. I WISH I could have met your Mum and I would reassure her you'll be fine!
    I am coping with losing my son, my Dad and my husband and am now an ardent campaigner for any type of injustice (and there are plenty! ) But most of all I have survived and continue to survive!
    You can never underestimate the power of love!
    Take care


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