Friday, 22 February 2013

“ It’s OK to ask” carer engagement film start filming mid-march (with thanks to NHSgg&c-CHP)


I had a meeting yesterday with  NHSgg&c – CHP, Partners and some service providers to finalize the outline for  my idea for a carer engagement film “It’s OK to ask
So we have agreed to story board and start filming mid-March .This film I hope play a small part in helping bring more understanding on the carer role and help families get the help that is available to them .As a son looking back I feel sad that it took near crisis before help was appropriated or I found the strength to ask

This will not be a Tommyontour as such but I will do the narrative from the heart ,and hope its helps someone out there access help quicker the we did

Thank you to NHS gg&c in Particular Peter Daniels and Jill Carson for taking time to meet with .listen to and discuss caring with a son over the last year        
Tommy Whitelaw
Dementia Carers Voices

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