Friday, 22 February 2013

Good days,sad days,good days,bad days for the love of mum

Good days –sad days –good days and bad days
It’s  February 22nd .I cam home tonight to an empty house and its 5 months to the day since mum passed away  Much like when caring for my mum we had good days and days we struggled ,but we struggled together and mum always seemed to get us through with a smile and sometimes she was so weak but that smile came  from  her eyes .ITS 10 PM  and I think I started crying around 5 and it feels like it may never stop and that is the theme good days and sad days .there was much struggle  and fear towards the end but my wee mum always managed to get us both through and give me strength when I had none, I mean how remarkable is that with all she faced she gave her son strength and she still does I was privileged over the last week to share my mums story with some remarkable students and some amazing lecturers one of who in particular Andy who has become a friend and those students have given we Joan her life story a story that was ignored and forgotten by to many involved in our care    
I finished my talk last week with a brief outline of mums life and saying you now know more about mum’s life than most people involved in her care  over the last 5 years ,as no one ever asked .How true that feels tonight ,the response has been inspiring the detail in the response from the students via ,e mail ,twitter ,Facebook and poetry has  proved that true ,they really do understand and know more about mums life than most we met and I feel they took her into their hearts and that’s such a shame for the ones when mum was here who saw only dementia .these fine  students took a mums story to heart, others had the chance to take the person
So my tears tonight are a mixture of sadness and joy ,sad because I miss my mum and for the ones who met but  missed her life story and joy that some people who never met her took time to listen and understand

Thank you Caledonian university your kindness and understanding has inspired me and made some of my tears tonight ,tears of hope
thank you team GCU 


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