Friday, 8 February 2013

The loneliness inside,

The loneliness inside,
It has not been the best of evenings ,there is a loneliness and  sadness inside that catches me out some times ,We where dreadfully lonely  over the last years caring fr my mum and I felt so helpless so often .Even once my campaign  got going I would go out meet people do talks and raise awareness and that was for mum and all who face this cruel illness and it is a cruel illness .I was looking through my photos on my phone tonight ,MANY of them taken over the last months of mums life ,and I took them on days when I thought ,mum you doing so well today we are doing ok .Now looking back I can see in all its detail the toll taken on this magnificent woman and It has hit me so hard .I started crying tonight and it feels as though it might never stop .I just miss my wee mum .I miss my wee pal and  I never stop missing her ,nor will I stop this awareness campaign till people get better than mum did and families get better support understanding and help than we and to many others have had ,and I know this wont be the last time I cry myself to seep ,but then my mums is worth crying for

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