Thursday, 21 February 2013

March 5th Speaking to Nurses involved in mums end of life care Might be the toughest talk of all


I have been invited to do a talk to the nurses and staff  involved and who cared for my mum  over the last months of her life. My mum was very rarely in hospital of the 5 years I cared for her .my mum sadly passed away on September 22nd and between early August and then mum was admitted 3 times.Each time for a week with different health issues  and passed away on the third admission .So I am grateful to NHSGG*C for inviting me to do a talk about life caring for mum ,the life stories and people I have met on my tour. to staff on the 3 wards mum was admitted to including A&E. This talk will also include our experiences over the times mum was admitted followed by Q&A session

My campaign is based on talking about life caring for mum ,her life, her greatness the letters ,the life stories ,the amazing families I have met, but at the back of my mind I cant help feeling this just might be the toughest talk of All

I met yesterday with the ward managers and we have agreed the talk will be on March 5th 


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