Friday, 8 February 2013

Its OK TO ASK- starting A new carer engagement film with NHSGG&C –CHP

Its Ok to ask  starting  A new carer engagement film with NHSGG&C –CHP  


I will very shortly (beginning March) starting working on a new carer engagement film with NHSGG&C – CHP ,the ALLIANCE AND Enterprise Screen .This film I hope will try and help with a struggle I personally faced whilst caring for my  mum .Asking for help and who to ask for help .My dad was a hard working welder and asking for help along did not come easy we are a proud private people at heart .this led to us nearing a crisis point from not wanting to ask to being to lost and in desperate need of  help. I personally wish I had asked for help. sooner .As a campaigner I campaign for better understanding ,and respect and dignity to all, but alongside that I feel it’s a tragedy to not know how to ask or about help that is available  I hope in some small way this film followed by some road shows will reach out to families and avert them reaching a crisis. We should at all-times have the best of help and guidance at our fingertips. I am grateful to all the partners involved in this project and it also forms part of the message in this campaign being able listened to and part of ,and I thank NHSGG*C for taking the time to meet with listen to and involve a son and carer

Thank you


Tommy Whitelaw
Dementia Carers Voices

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  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2013

    Tommy - just listened to your interview on Radio Scotland. I only cared for my dad for a few weeks whilst working full time before I had to ask for help. I was lucky. A doctor and social worker listened and I got the help my dad badly needed. But I had an idea of how and where to ask and wasn't afraid to do it. Many can't so well done to you and your campaign.


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