Monday, 4 February 2013

My motion passed Glasgow city Council your words can help #dementia #Caring

Back in February I took life stories and reports on the life stories people send me to Glasgow City Council and had a cross party motion passed as below We met a few weeks ago to set this group up and meet again early February to start the new GCC dementia working group ,this was based on peoples lives in their own words I hope you can help me collect more thoughts and opinions before the next meeting to keep this a motion by people for people you can send you’re thoughts to
With thanks to all who passed this especially Cllr McDonald Cllr Flanagan Cllr Kerr and Ann Cumming from SW GLASGOW

Council recognizes the inspirational efforts of Tommy Whitelaw in raising awareness of the issues effecting the carers and families of people suffering from Dementia through his “Tommy on Tour” campaign
Council agrees to set-up a Cross Party Working Group to engage with carers and to ensure that the services provided to carers are appropriate to the needs of the carers and those suffering from Dementia and that the Working Group’s findings be presented by Council to the Scottish Government.
Son, awareness campaigner

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