Sunday, 10 February 2013

Today speaking 3rd year Mental Health Students, Caledonian University

Today  speaking 3rd year Mental Health Students, Caledonian University

Today   I have the privilege of speaking to 3rd year mental health students at Caledonia University,the first of 3 talks over the next 3 weeks .This will be followed by 1st year mental health on February 20th and then 500 Nursing students on March 12th .I look forward to speaking about caring for my wee mum the letter I receive and people I Have  met on my Tommyontour campaign .This fits in with my real passion to speak to the next generation who will be involved in our care, I have been contacted by some of the students who attend the University and their passion and understanding inspires me .I also met a few a while back when I was a guest speaker at the memories FC event a project by the University in Partnership with Alzheimer Scotland an event in my eyes that was a triumph of involvement and inclusion
With great thank you the University in particular Andy Lowndes .Margaret Caldwell, Lesley McNab,Jackie Gillespie and the last but my no means least  Students  
I hope I can in some small way inspire them as much as they have inspired me by inviting me along   

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