Monday, 4 February 2013

Today Meeting carers Alzheimer Scotland south Ayrshire services


With thanks to Jenni  Mckeand who runs the Alzheimer Scotland  South Ayrshire Service for inviting me back down to attend and update carers at their next meeting
I was down last year very early on in my campaign  and look forward to returning to see Jenni and all who are part of the group

The group meets at St Quivox Church Hall, St Quivox Road, you can get more details on the services  Jenni and the team supply at the link below

I will see Jenni again a few weeks later on the 19th at PRTFC  south Ayrshire dementia awareness day 
 when I will be a guest speaker and Jenni will be doing a presentation with thanks to David Roxburghe  for the invite to this event 


had a lovely day down at Prestwick  with Jenni  and families who attend 

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