Monday, 4 February 2013

With thanks to Jim Hume MSP for mentioning at Scottish Parliament Tommyontour Campaign during mental health Strategy debate

With thanks to Jim Hume MSP  for mentioning  at  Scottish Parliament Tommyontour  Campaign during mental health Strategy debate


With thanks to MSP Jim Hume (LIB Dem)  for mentioning my Tommyontour campaign during a debate at the Scottish Parliament on Mental health strategies .I would also like to thank Jim for inviting to speak at his healthcare conference in Biggar on Saturday Past     

When Kevin Stewart referred to the many mental health champions in Scotland, he should perhaps also have mentioned Tommy Whitelaw. For many years he cared for his mother, who had dementia, and witnessed her writing her name and date of birth on her arm to hide the fact that she was suffering from the condition. He is now taking his Tommyontour campaign around Scotland to spread his good word.”


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