Friday, 1 February 2013

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BBC radio Scotland will be re- airing broadcast about caring for mum mum and the life stories on Sunday Feb 3rd  10:30Am

Please see below the link to the BBC Scotland Medical Matters  Dementia, who looks after the carers /Tommyontour the letters special With great thanks to the amazing families who write to me and share their stories and for their courage in reading them out also to Sally Magnusson for her kind interviews and producer Liza Grieg for her and Sallies understanding and respect to all involved  

with great thanks to Prof June Andrews for her advice and Knowledge on the show
The campaign to raise awareness continues you can send you’re story

available till Feb 10th

Caring for Carers

As someone who's cared for a parent with dementia, Sally Magnusson is concerned that there isn't enough support for carers looking after their relatives at home. In this Medical Matters, Sally talks to carers of people with dementia, including campaigner Tommy Whitelaw, who toured Scotland raising awareness of how dementia affects sufferers and their carers, by asking carers to write letters telling their stories that he presents to the Scottish Government. Though caring for a loved one is often a privilege, Sally discusses what makes it such a challenging and traumatic experience, and asks what we can all do to ease the strain on carers.

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