Wednesday, 27 February 2013

One of those days ,when having mum here beside would have made it all better

I miss my mum every day ,That’s a given ,yesterday I got some news on a project I had been working on for a few months that is was not going forward anymore and missing my   mum is at the front of my mind and thoughts . Mum was always my best pal and over the last years everything we faced we faced together, good or bad
We  all the good days and bad days in our life and that applied to the campaign .I would come home and tell mum about the amazing people I had met ,or about things that had to be better for others . Yesterday the news on this project was a big setback mainly in manner it was handled as was most of the tough whilst caring for my mum not so much the outcomes but the manner in which they are handled..So setbacks are nothing new to me I have faced many over the years,but this one I face on my own  .My wee mum was always more important than any setback but she was always here to share it with so today is day when missing mum is harder and the start of facing setbacks on my own without my best wee pal


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